What to do if your Project Fails?

Bury your head in the sand, blame everybody but yourself, tell everybody that your project wasn’t resourced right and they just don’t get it….. see a trend, it’s their fault that your project failed!

With a mindset such as that, you are doomed to repeat over and over until one day you wake up and accept responsibility for your failures.

Taking responsibility regardless who is at fault makes you that much more effective as a leader especially if you convert a  failure into an opportunity to learn, study, adjust and try again.

Leaders who never fail, don’t try hard enough…. it’s like running in place, you will never go anywhere.

So what to do after a Project Fails? Take a deep breath, take a few steps backwards and when ready start dissecting the reasons “WHY” your project failed. It’s like a root cause analysis and using the “5 Why’s” to get to bottom without placing blame. Only then you can start studying and learning from past missteps.

Most common reasons “WHY” projects fail; lack of communication to target audience, lack of common vision, failed to bring value, lack of project champions, lack of common understand, didn’t support project long enough, poor project metrics, etc.

Key takeaway message is to take calculated risk, don’t be afraid to fail, convert failures into opportunities, make sure you work from a solid foundation including;

Mutual Respect, Common Understanding, Common Bond/Vision, Teachability and Right People/Right Roles along with meaningful measures will set you up for likely success!

I can & I will……with a little PositudePlus will go a long way to reaching your destination.


Reluctance to CHANGE!

As human beings, we are forever changing from the time we are born till the day we die. Many of us are highly reluctant to this forever changing process and do all kinds of silly things to resist aging through exercise, surgery, diet, creams, pills, etc.

Why would we not be resistant to CHANGE in the work place, it only makes sense!

Problem is that CHANGE is inevitable and if we don’t outpace the changes we will be left behind…. simply look at the history of “Blockbuster Video”… top of the line company on leading edge of technology when VHS/BETAMAX was still cool. They adopted when we changed technology to CD/DVD however they quickly fell behind and didn’t adopt to change in time to convert systems to streaming technology and low-cost DVD Kiosk at every supermarket in town…… result; “Out of Business” cause; “Reluctance to Change”.

So when one asks “Why such reluctance to CHANGE?”, answer is simple; its human nature for fast majority of the populous masses. Therefore inspirational leadership is necessary to breakthrough the reluctance.

We need to lead through CONTEXT by answering the “WHY” the need for change, we need to provide safety & security  and lead on the path of change.

How best explain “CHANGE” or what it feels like….simply little exercise with your staff; ask them to write their full name with dominant hand 20 times…pause and ask them what it felt like? You know the answers…comfortable, safe, normal, part of me, etc. Now ask them to do exactly the same with their non-dominant hand and pause after after every fifth time and you will go from reluctance, uncomfortable, painful, awkward to I’m getting use to it to it and finally being the new norm if they don’t have a choice to go back to the old way of doing things! Its an eye-opening exercise.

So reluctance to change is human nature, as long as we are sensitive to this and lead change to the new norm in a safe environment, we can be more successful in staying ahead!

Tell me what you think?

Every Day a New Beginning!

No matter what yesterday felt like, if you are lucky enough to rise in the morning, you have a new opportunity to love, learn, teach, share, mentor and accomplish….never take such opportunity for granted!

From failures, we grow stronger and we will only fail if we refuse to learn and adjust from our failures.

Therefor, every day is a new beginning and as a leader another opportunity to serve, encourage, engage, and collaborate so we will not make the same mistakes instead we will prosper and provide excellence no matter what position you are in!

I live by a simple rule; yesterday is a bad check, tomorrow is not here, so I better pay attention and appreciate what I have today! 

On that note, I will enjoy my family and friends whom have gathered to celebrate his resurrection! 

What is your Leadership Style?

“First reaction would be to say; different scenarios call for different leadership styles!”

My personal preference is  being a Servant and Collaborative leader which has been very successful for me over the years and use escalation techniques whenever necessary.

What do I mean with escalation, we should always be centered, collaborative, servant and lead with positive and passionate attitude. Starting from this basis point, we lead through context, provide clear expectation and “ASK” our team mates to meet those expectation within a set time frame which varies from project to project depending urgency and impact. By outlining your expectation, assessing the behavioral capacity of your team mates and “ASKING” for them to provide a solution and deliver the required results. In essence, you are building a psychological contract with your team members which will more likely lead to success because they are empowered to come up with solutions.

To ensure success, we need to be accountable therefore we need to regularly check in on contract status and progress made. If expectations are not met, we need to assess “WHY” before we escalate to “REQUESTING” then “TELLING” and finally “DIRECTING”our team members and leaders.

Each step should be considered carefully and escalated on a predetermined timeline. Needless to say, if after “DIRECTING” desired results are not delivered or actions are not taken, its time for a “performance improvement plan” to be enacted through HR.

However, you will see that most often you will get great cooperation and results by simply “ASKING”.

Being a Servant Collaborative Leader, you will get the results you desire and elevate staff engagement to new levels….don’t forget to celebrate successes!

What is your leadership style and how is it working for you?

Finding the RIGHT Team mates!

Four simple, powerful and meaningful words to remember;

Passion, Skill, Knowledge and Ability

Which one should be a given, one that we should not compromise on?

PASSION can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t. All my “Go-To” staff members have one thing in common, they are all passionate about the work they do. Of course possessing Skill, Knowledge and Ability only enhances the staff member to become a high performing team mate. S/K/A can be gained through coaching, mentoring and repetition however PASSION is part of your DNA.

Jim Collins once said; Right People, Right Job…. great basis rule…I would add one more requirement that we should not compromise on….. Right Passion for the Right Job! Passionate Team members are most often “Go-To” personalities, they are performers, they are teachable, they are loyal, caring and will go above and beyond. These types of staff members have the right balance of “Positude”!

Tell me about your PASSIONATE Team mates….

What is PositudePlus?

Positive behaviors + Right Attitude + Passion = PositudePlus

Today, its just not good enough to be just good enough, doing right things right has a whole new meaning in a Healthcare or Corporate setting. Competition is fierce, every error or near miss is highlighted and revenue is only earned through performance.

We need staff members who have the behavioral capacity, always passion and delightful attitude to make a lasting impression on our customers both internal and external. Our clients/patients now have a choice and they will vote with their feet if not satisfied with your services.

Great companies and healthcare institutions continuously reassess their position in the marketplace and make adjustments often on the fly to stay ahead in an environment where shrinking budgets are the new norm.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to unlock the passion, install the right attitudes and develop positive behaviors to gain our desired outcomes. Its difficult but meaningful work!

What are you doing today to bring some “PositudePlus” to your workplace?