What is PositudePlus?

Positive behaviors + Right Attitude + Passion = PositudePlus

Today, its just not good enough to be just good enough, doing right things right has a whole new meaning in a Healthcare or Corporate setting. Competition is fierce, every error or near miss is highlighted and revenue is only earned through performance.

We need staff members who have the behavioral capacity, always passion and delightful attitude to make a lasting impression on our customers both internal and external. Our clients/patients now have a choice and they will vote with their feet if not satisfied with your services.

Great companies and healthcare institutions continuously reassess their position in the marketplace and make adjustments often on the fly to stay ahead in an environment where shrinking budgets are the new norm.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to unlock the passion, install the right attitudes and develop positive behaviors to gain our desired outcomes. Its difficult but meaningful work!

What are you doing today to bring some “PositudePlus” to your workplace?


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