Finding the RIGHT Team mates!

Four simple, powerful and meaningful words to remember;

Passion, Skill, Knowledge and Ability

Which one should be a given, one that we should not compromise on?

PASSION can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t. All my “Go-To” staff members have one thing in common, they are all passionate about the work they do. Of course possessing Skill, Knowledge and Ability only enhances the staff member to become a high performing team mate. S/K/A can be gained through coaching, mentoring and repetition however PASSION is part of your DNA.

Jim Collins once said; Right People, Right Job…. great basis rule…I would add one more requirement that we should not compromise on….. Right Passion for the Right Job! Passionate Team members are most often “Go-To” personalities, they are performers, they are teachable, they are loyal, caring and will go above and beyond. These types of staff members have the right balance of “Positude”!

Tell me about your PASSIONATE Team mates….


3 thoughts on “Finding the RIGHT Team mates!

  1. I totally agree with you, but unfortunately HR tends to focus on experience listed on a resume…healthy passion is great, but how do you make sure that within a big organization we look past that?


    1. Whenever you get the chance to interview, don’t look at candidates resume… Sounds strange right! Instead ask them to tell their story in 5-10 minutes. If they fill the room with energy and passion, relate personal experience with professional implication, you most likely have the RIGHT person for the job. You can coach and mentor for skill and ability, without passion you have not much of anything.


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