Every Day a New Beginning!

No matter what yesterday felt like, if you are lucky enough to rise in the morning, you have a new opportunity to love, learn, teach, share, mentor and accomplish….never take such opportunity for granted!

From failures, we grow stronger and we will only fail if we refuse to learn and adjust from our failures.

Therefor, every day is a new beginning and as a leader another opportunity to serve, encourage, engage, and collaborate so we will not make the same mistakes instead we will prosper and provide excellence no matter what position you are in!

I live by a simple rule; yesterday is a bad check, tomorrow is not here, so I better pay attention and appreciate what I have today! 

On that note, I will enjoy my family and friends whom have gathered to celebrate his resurrection! 


2 thoughts on “Every Day a New Beginning!

  1. I once heard a very smart man say: ” I don’t care about the past, I care about the future.”
    As a leader I often look back and realize the mistakes that I made, but you are right there is always tomorrow, a chance to improve and inspire. Daily self introspection is healthy.


    1. Those who fail to learn from past failures are doomed to repeat them! Someone famous once said! Failures create opportunity and leaders should never pass up an opportunity to improve! Be inspirational and take some calculated risk otherwise one is just walking in place and not advancing personally or professionally!


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