What is your Leadership Style?

“First reaction would be to say; different scenarios call for different leadership styles!”

My personal preference is  being a Servant and Collaborative leader which has been very successful for me over the years and use escalation techniques whenever necessary.

What do I mean with escalation, we should always be centered, collaborative, servant and lead with positive and passionate attitude. Starting from this basis point, we lead through context, provide clear expectation and “ASK” our team mates to meet those expectation within a set time frame which varies from project to project depending urgency and impact. By outlining your expectation, assessing the behavioral capacity of your team mates and “ASKING” for them to provide a solution and deliver the required results. In essence, you are building a psychological contract with your team members which will more likely lead to success because they are empowered to come up with solutions.

To ensure success, we need to be accountable therefore we need to regularly check in on contract status and progress made. If expectations are not met, we need to assess “WHY” before we escalate to “REQUESTING” then “TELLING” and finally “DIRECTING”our team members and leaders.

Each step should be considered carefully and escalated on a predetermined timeline. Needless to say, if after “DIRECTING” desired results are not delivered or actions are not taken, its time for a “performance improvement plan” to be enacted through HR.

However, you will see that most often you will get great cooperation and results by simply “ASKING”.

Being a Servant Collaborative Leader, you will get the results you desire and elevate staff engagement to new levels….don’t forget to celebrate successes!

What is your leadership style and how is it working for you?


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