Reluctance to CHANGE!

As human beings, we are forever changing from the time we are born till the day we die. Many of us are highly reluctant to this forever changing process and do all kinds of silly things to resist aging through exercise, surgery, diet, creams, pills, etc.

Why would we not be resistant to CHANGE in the work place, it only makes sense!

Problem is that CHANGE is inevitable and if we don’t outpace the changes we will be left behind…. simply look at the history of “Blockbuster Video”… top of the line company on leading edge of technology when VHS/BETAMAX was still cool. They adopted when we changed technology to CD/DVD however they quickly fell behind and didn’t adopt to change in time to convert systems to streaming technology and low-cost DVD Kiosk at every supermarket in town…… result; “Out of Business” cause; “Reluctance to Change”.

So when one asks “Why such reluctance to CHANGE?”, answer is simple; its human nature for fast majority of the populous masses. Therefore inspirational leadership is necessary to breakthrough the reluctance.

We need to lead through CONTEXT by answering the “WHY” the need for change, we need to provide safety & security  and lead on the path of change.

How best explain “CHANGE” or what it feels like….simply little exercise with your staff; ask them to write their full name with dominant hand 20 times…pause and ask them what it felt like? You know the answers…comfortable, safe, normal, part of me, etc. Now ask them to do exactly the same with their non-dominant hand and pause after after every fifth time and you will go from reluctance, uncomfortable, painful, awkward to I’m getting use to it to it and finally being the new norm if they don’t have a choice to go back to the old way of doing things! Its an eye-opening exercise.

So reluctance to change is human nature, as long as we are sensitive to this and lead change to the new norm in a safe environment, we can be more successful in staying ahead!

Tell me what you think?


2 thoughts on “Reluctance to CHANGE!

  1. I think a leader needs to at least give off an image of being competent and assuring the staff that the change will bring positive results. You are right, change is scary. I truly want my leadership to be based on two main aspects: what is the right thing to do and what is practical. Bring those two concepts to life by leading by example and with context will make the change less intimidating.


    1. Excellent comment… I would even add that as leaders we need to take risk, lead by example, be self-accountable and hold staff accountable through change period. Studies have shown that it takes a minimum 21 days of change before it becomes the new norm…..most often, we stop at day 10-13 due to lack of leadership and accountability which leads to failure, disgruntlement and potential loses.


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