What to do if your Project Fails?

Bury your head in the sand, blame everybody but yourself, tell everybody that your project wasn’t resourced right and they just don’t get it….. see a trend, it’s their fault that your project failed!

With a mindset such as that, you are doomed to repeat over and over until one day you wake up and accept responsibility for your failures.

Taking responsibility regardless who is at fault makes you that much more effective as a leader especially if you convert a  failure into an opportunity to learn, study, adjust and try again.

Leaders who never fail, don’t try hard enough…. it’s like running in place, you will never go anywhere.

So what to do after a Project Fails? Take a deep breath, take a few steps backwards and when ready start dissecting the reasons “WHY” your project failed. It’s like a root cause analysis and using the “5 Why’s” to get to bottom without placing blame. Only then you can start studying and learning from past missteps.

Most common reasons “WHY” projects fail; lack of communication to target audience, lack of common vision, failed to bring value, lack of project champions, lack of common understand, didn’t support project long enough, poor project metrics, etc.

Key takeaway message is to take calculated risk, don’t be afraid to fail, convert failures into opportunities, make sure you work from a solid foundation including;

Mutual Respect, Common Understanding, Common Bond/Vision, Teachability and Right People/Right Roles along with meaningful measures will set you up for likely success!

I can & I will……with a little PositudePlus will go a long way to reaching your destination.


One thought on “What to do if your Project Fails?

  1. You bring up an important subject, there is an unrealistic expectation that if one is a good leader than he/she should not fail. I think failure is part of a journey, it is part of the passion and desire to get better. I would involve the staff on my journey and prepare them for a possibility of failure. As a team, together we work toward a common goal. It is ok to have ups and downs as long as we celebrate our victories.
    I love your blog, it is my daily dose of inspiration.

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