Did you awake this morning deciding you were going to do more of the same or finally take a definitive step towards being AWESOME?

Going through everyday knowing the outcomes or at best marginally contributing is just not for me…. I decided sometime ago that I wanted to make a difference and needed to be the change I wanted to see!

No…I’m not talking about being a KING or not even wanting to be the BOSS, I want to make a difference by simply greeting everyday people with a heartfelt “GOOD MORNING, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!”

Today, I must say it at least a hundred times bringing smiles to some somber faces along the way…. actually, some try to beat me to the punch now and say it before I can. My behavior is having an impact… I’m getting my desired results through a simple change in my personal culture…. can  you imagine what WE can do if each of us makes a positive change and sticks to it until it becomes the new norm!

RESULTS come from our ACTIONS that are based on our BELIEFS and deep personal EXPERIENCES. Question remains, are you satisfied with your results?

Honestly, most of us can use a bit more positude in our lives and need to shift our results, actions and beliefs…… set a challenge for yourself to be simply AWESOME!

AWESOMENESS is an outward expression that can be seen, felt and experienced in everything you do…..Be AWESOME not just for you but for the responses you will generate and the happiness that it creates however brief it is.

Awake tomorrow morning and take a definitive step toward AWESOMENESS!


Flying High!

I’m living on a natural HIGH, legal in all States! 

I’m activating doses of cortisol into my neurons each time I smile or share a moment of joy. It’s not only legal it is FREE!

I chose to get up each day counting my blessings that my higher power granted me one more day. I know that I will make a difference today because I’m high on life! It’s legal, free and readily available.

I love my job which gives me the opportunity to guide, coach and mentor those less fortunate then me. I’m passionate and willing to give because I know how much I will get in return.

I’m as high as a kite, feeling great and loving life!

Try it out by simply starting your day by saying good morning to every person you pass. It’s legal, free and readily available just for the taking!

Let’s get HIGH together!

Staying on TOP!… READ a lot!

Staying on TOP!… READ a lot!


Does that Leadership book come with cartoon pictures and extra-large letters?

We all know the traditional pathway to get to the top….high school, college degree(s) and maybe a certificate or two…. But now what… all that was traditional theoretic learning and little to do with what I’m doing now!

No matter what stage of your career you are in, you are not staying at the top or get to the next level by doing little…it take a lot of passion, energy and time to rise to the TOP and even more to stay on TOP!

Reading industry specific publications is an essential habit to form, not only to stay up to date with current affairs but also to identify opportunities to capture market share, make advancements in technology or ways to improve systems.

If you are serious about your career, you should belong to Industry specific Professional Associations and read their publications regularly. You should also add best in business magazines, hardcovers and web bases articles to your reading repertoire.

Be informed, stay informed!

Most frequently asked question…..when do you have time to read?

Make it a priority to read at work… schedule a fake meeting on your calendar to create some ME time… turn off your computer and rummage through your trade magazines.

Heavier reading should be reserved for later in the day…. Actually… if you commute is more than 30 minutes… books on tape is a great way to stay informed!

Word of caution!…. We have all done this especially after we come back from conferences, don’t change just because your latest book told you a great technique or practice….. If you do this, you will quickly get a reputation…..absorb what you read, understand the best practices and how it would impact your organization or work group. Involve or share your readings with your team mates followed by a discussion around possible changes.

Read a LOT to stay on TOP!

Living in the NOW!

Living in the NOW!

Today, We drove from Burlington, VT back to my home in New City, NY… it could have been just another long ride home listening to the kids pestering each other or thinking about the days ahead of me!

Instead, I tried to enjoy every mile and minute that went by looking at the beauty of our surroundings especially now that everything is starting to come alive again.

From the mountains in the far distance to the weathered barns along the way…each has a story to tell… however we rarely take the time to listen. We are missing out on so much because we fail ourselves by thinking about tomorrow meanwhile NOW slips away into history.

Today, for many hours on end, I tried my darnedest to stay in the NOW by observing the little things along the way not allowing my  mind to drift into the tomorrow.

I noticed the blossoms on apple trees, calves in their outdoor pans, grass growing and birds flying North. I observed the changing weather patterns and the fact that only a few hundred miles is the difference between bare trees and those in full green.

I enjoyed the sounds of playing children in the backseat and appreciated the cute comments from my son Max and daughter Maia.

Today, I realized how lucky I really am…. living in the moment, living in the NOW is worth everything to me!



I’m going to take a little break from giving positive management business techniques and instead cover a topic that once again hit home last week! 

TOLERANCE… Why is it so difficult to be accepting of all human beings and their chosen lifestyles? 

WHY is it still so difficult for self identified LGBTQ members to come out and be proud?

The short answer is lack of TOLERANCE by parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, religion and society at large!

How many more kids need to take their own lives before we answer the question by simply loving the individual, showing compassion and great tolerance?

Let’s together make a difference and live without regret! Reach Out Wednesday (ROW) is a great way to reach out and touch a life that needs to be shown love and compassion.

Those most vulnerable are the ones still searching for the courage to step forward and be proud publicly. For them, we need to tone down the rederic and be more supportive in our public statements. 

Open your arms to all GOD’s children and provide them with the security to live life to its fullest potential!

TOLERANCE & LOVE are powerful tools in suicide prevention…Come ROW with me!

Connecting the DOTS!

Connecting the DOTS!


Do you ever feel like you are working with no end in sight or all over the place without making any progress that can be either seen or felt?

We have all been on that wild goose chase only to never catch up and make the kill….it’s like chasing your own tail….looks like fun but its dizzying to say the least. At end of the day, you feel unfulfilled, deflated and at times disengaged!

 “Leading through Context” and “Connecting the DOTS” are building blocks that can’t be skipped over… it’s like building a house of cards and shaky foundation otherwise!

Your strategic vision needs to make sense to those you lead, your job as a leader is to align all efforts to meet/exceed the expectations of the vision.

Two essential ingredients to improve successful outcomes;

Step 1

Take the time to clearly articulate the VISION and put it into real context… depending on your audience, you might have to go into the weeds a bit… get this right before you go to step 2!

Step 2

Involve all key-stakeholders in this process step and brainstorm potential solutions/pathways to get the desired outcomes. Next, be truly diligent about aligning your work… what comes first, second, third, etc. By “Connecting the DOTS” in a way that front line personnel can understand what you are trying to accomplish as a TEAM, engagement will improve significantly!

Visual Management Tools that allow ALL involved to see progress made towards a common goal is not only a powerful communication tool but also a key driver to successful completion!

“Connect the DOTS” and you will improve success!

Crucial to create WIN’s for the TEAM!

Crucial to create WIN’s for the TEAM!


How would you feel if you play in a baseball game and they removed home plate preventing either team from scoring any runs? Most would not tolerate that for very long and would feel uninspired to continue to play.

WIN or LOSE, we feel engaged and inspired!

Kick your feet up again, hang your head back to a relaxing position and mentally assess if your TEAMS are set up to WIN anything? Do they have realistic and attainable goals for their projects? Do you have the RIGHT DRIVER and OUTCOME metrics in place? When was the last time you celebrated a WIN?… how did my TEAM feel after a WIN?

OK… now get your feet of my furniture…lol

If you determined that your staff is pretty uninspired, it’s very likely that they can’t create a WIN. It’s time to change up the game.

To create a WIN, I would suggest that you include staff that is going to be affected by the WIN to select the parameters, scope and metrics for your project or process. You might even consider selecting the RIGHT reward for creating a WIN.

MONEY is not the first nor second intrinsic drivers for most of your staff members to create WINS… recognition to TEAM or individual is most important… little PIZZA party never hurts either!

TEAMS need to feel inspired and nothing does the job better then creating a WIN!

Big or Small accomplishments… .we ALL like to be WINNERS!