Are you ready for a 360?

Have you ever done a 360 review…. its kind of scary and not for the faint hearted to open oneself up for critique with expectation of improvement after shared goals have been set.

If you have never done a 360 review, its very simple, ask 3 folks above, below and same peer level to spend 15-30 minutes with you to outline your strenths/accomplishments, your weaknesses and our opportunities! To get the best results, email or call them a few days ahead of time to discuss expectations allowing some time to prepare and make it truly meaningful.

After you get your results back, categorize them by level of review and look for trends between surveys. I’m sure that you will commonality which will allow you to focus on most significant opportunities of improvements.

The power of feedback can’t be understated. Be brave, take a chance and include someone that might not be your greatest cheerleader.

More to come on what to do with information gleaned from your 360!


One thought on “Are you ready for a 360?

  1. I did a 360, my favorite part about getting responses was that it gave me substance to bring back to my staff meetings. I read the feedback and explained to the staff that we need to work towards catering to the demand. As a service department we always have to know what do others want and expect from us.

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