Man Down!

We have all been there so many times, finally hitting a stride, getting performance from your team before suddenly the rug is pulled from underneath due to a vital resignation, sick calls, FMLA’s or worse involuntary downsizing!

Frequently, you will see teams fall apart if a key stakeholder goes missing….why is that?

Most common reason is due to the fact that teams/processes become specific person dependent without redundancy or diversity. Stop what you are doing and think for just a second; “Do I have a TEAM or Process build around a specific Leader or Staff member”?

We all do and need to assess ways to build in redundancy and succession plans just in case to ensure a process can function equally well 7/24/365.

It’s also a great opportunity to develop your team mates and leaders alike, it’s actually one of the most important contributions a leader can make is to ensure systems are clicking regardless who came to work that day.

GREAT TEAMS always step up to the plate and cover the gaps….if one discipline is down a leader, its time to lend a hand, fill the gap not point out their weaknesses.

More importantly, working together is like a team sport…some of us play defense, other play offense however when the team wins or loses, we should celebrate or reflect together.

It’s therefor a “WE” environment and not and “I” environment! GREAT Teams continue to function even when they are a man down!


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