New Minute Manager a quick Powerfull Read!

Very few of us “love” to read or even “like” to read however most effective staffmembers, managers and leaders will make time to read!

Actually, you should make it a point to add calendar slots to your daily schedule to read 15-30 minutes to keep up with the forever changing world around you!

Ken Blanchard, PhD and Spencer Johnson, MD teamed up to update their original “One Minute Manager” to include some updates with emphasis on sharing.

Once you get settled in, it will take no more than 90 minutes to consume every last page with thrist for more. However, its certainly written with our attention span in mind. After you go through it once, you should sleep on it and read it one more time to ensure the finer points are sunken in and understood. Only practice makes perfect.

More is not always better! A valuable lesson within these pages speaks simply to focused goals, creating WINS, praise and re-direct through real-time feedback all the while letting staff member know how valuable they really are!

It sounds so simple and it actually is…. we just have a hard time letting go and trusting others.


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