Why GOAL setting is essential to SUCCESS!

Why GOAL setting is essential to SUCCESS!
Have you ever had a boss who wanted you to be great, do great things, be a winner, succeed, perform, bring home the beacon but failed to define what great looked like, didn’t set goals or targets? We have all been there at one time or another.

It’s like playing darts at 3AM with the light off…. Go for the “Bull’s Eye” but you don’t even know where the dart board is hung…. How frustrating is that?

Who is to blame… you or your BOSS?….. Your boss took for granted that you might not know what he/she was aiming for and/or you failed to ask the right questions to define expectations.

No matter what, performance should be based on a measurable metrics and realistic goals. Personally, I prefer using “SMART” Goals for each our improvement project and performance goals!






Most importantly, we need to agree on WHAT we are measuring, HOW we are measuring and WHEN we are measuring to ensure consistency and accountability. I also prefer realistic “STEP Goals” instead of just a target to aim for…. We need to celebrate “WINS” along the way to keep our staff members excited. Ones that receive rewards along the way will likely be more productive… rewards can be as simple as a personable acknowledgment in form of a “Thank You” note, gift card or a pizza party for the TEAM!

Turn on the lights, tell me your expectations, guide me in right direction, support me along the way and I will give you my absolute best to meet your goals & expectations!


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