Do you “Praise” enough?

Can you remember the last time you received a compliment? I’m almost 100% sure that you do and still talk about it with your peers or proudly display the note somewhere in your workplace. It’s only human nature that we like to receive some affirmation for the things we do every day!

Let’s turn it around, when was the last time you took the time to hand write a “Thank You” card to someone that made your day better or someone who went above & beyond?

Nearly 80% of you will answer that with a blank stare! We tend to provide more negative feedback then taking the time to praise someone….. This is a bad habit we need to break if we really want to unlock the magic in our staff members.

Get to know your staff members, know what drives them to be successful, know their intrinsic values that you can engage.

Setting realistic goals and giving praise when goals are met or real effort is made toward meeting that goal is deserving of recognition. Your staff members will respond in kind just like you would do when your boss takes the time to give you praise!

The value of a compliment is priceless!


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