How to best provide re-direction!

I’m not sure what is worse; getting negative feedback on something that was done three months ago or being called to my supervisor’s office for unknown reason! Both circumstances can cause unnecessary frustration and anxiety.

Let’s assume that one started with crystal clear goals and expectation a few weeks/months ago but have failed to deliver desired results. You are not happy and getting pressure from your superiors to get the job done! What to do next…. Go fix it yourself or have that difficult conversation? Why do we tend to avoid a difficult conversation? (another topic for another day)

Nearly 100% of the time, when giving constructive and timely feedback, staff members are responsive and appreciate Honesty & Clarity & Timeliness in a safe setting.

Avoidance or waiting too long to provide feedback will have a direct inverse effect leading to frustration and under performance by all involved.

Here’s my recommendation to providing a re-direct;

Meet in a safe environment to provide feedback (not your office)

Provide feedback in near real time

Review project goals to ensure alignment

Review performance metrics  

Suggest corrective action to meet expectation

Agree to meet again

Show appreciation to your staff member

Getting/Giving feedback is essential to your long-term success, one just needs to make sure it’s done in an environment conducive to learning!


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