Why don’t we SHARE our Best Practices?

Question really should be “Why do we feel the need to reinvent the wheel”. Do you really think that working in a vacuum delivers better results? Why is it that we are so very protective over our own processes especially those that work well?

I can understand not sharing with your direct competitors but within the same corporation or even same work unit there should be zero reasons not to share best practices!

I think that our need to win or outperform the others gets in the way of delivering service excellence, being highly efficient, bring cost savings or increase revenue.

Some rather WIN then share and let all of us be WINNERS!

Collectively we are stronger, better, leaner and more efficient than any one on their own.

It takes real leadership to empower and engage the staff to share best practices that will benefit the bottom line especially your patients, clients or even shareholders.

A simple approach would be to invite aligned work units to meet and report on progress they have made, organize a round table discussion or conference on a specific topic. Don’t over complicate matters…. If you organize it, they will come!

A little friendly competition will yield many great shared “Best Practices”!


One thought on “Why don’t we SHARE our Best Practices?

  1. On a bit of a different tangent, but still on the topic of sharing. I do my best to contact leaders from other institutions to adopt their best practices. I went on day trips to their hospitals in attempt to learn and adopt, if not all then some of the practices they do. It is a great way to learn and to network! Not everybody is welcoming, but the ones that open their doors-are great!


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