What works best ASKING vs TELLING?

I hate being TOLD what to do! Do you agree… most likely you do… it takes any sense of creativity and flexibility out of our ability to perform or produce.

There’s a RIGHT time to be TOLD… as effective leaders, we should not start by “telling” rather start by “asking” first.

As leader on any level of the organization, we need to get things done regardless to where you work or what you do. The old fashion way was either do it yourself or tell others to do it for you!

Which staff member is more productive, the one that is TOLD what to do or one that understands “WHY” it needs to be done? Simple answer of course, staff members who understand “WHY” it needs to be done are more engaged and will be far more responsive once you “ASK” them to do something.

As a Servant Leader, always start with leading through context and asking for staff participation by setting a clear vision and realistic goals. If staff is non-responsive, we can always resort to telling them what to do…. You will see significant success with just asking and it has a way of building respect and trust as well!


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