How to recruit for SUCCESS!


This has to be one of the most difficult things we do…. We post a position, select a bunch of resumes based some lose parameters before we invite some of selected candidates in for an interview.

At last, we get to sit down with a candidate who is nervous, shaky and stressed to the point that they really are no longer the same person who applied for the job. Next the crucial first impression and introductions… .Love those soaking wet handshakes…don’t you?

Over the next 10-15 minutes, you get to figure out if candidate is genuine or just telling you what you want to hear! So after its all set and done, we look at some letters of recommendations (still waiting to see the first one where candidate is not a superstar) before we make a calculated risk and offer the job.

The next 90 days of orientation and probation all seem to go well until it all falls apart on day 91! We have all been there, how did he/she change or I didn’t get that feeling when I was interviewing.

Question is…. How can we recruit for SUCCESS?

Well, start off with knowing what you want, how you are going to support incoming candidates, who is going measure productivity, when to hold follow up meetings and how long probationary period will or should be never hesitate to extend if any doubt exists.

We have four basic principles that each candidate must have to some degree;


Never compromise on PASSION however the others can vary to some extent.

Next, would you buy a car without test driving it?…. Hell no! Well, don’t hire without testing or observing candidates Passion, Skill, Knowledge and Ability.

Let them interact with your clients, organize a desk, set up a project or a power point.

I have had folks request to go to the bathroom only not to return… they told me in the interview that they were expert users of Microsoft Office but when it came time to complete as simple assignment it was time to bail….. You can design a short experiment for any discipline that will tell you more than any words on their resume…. Actually, I don’t even look at the resume, if they can’t tell their story with passion, I’m no longer interested…. Try it for yourself!

Don’t rely on a piece of paper, use your instincts, test drive and challenge your prospective candidates! When in doubt, no PASSION no JOB!


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