How GREAT Teams do it RIGHT!

We just completed our latest Joint Commission Survey at our facility and would like to share Surveyors findings with rest of the Health Care Community!

Sounds so serious…right.. well, what I like to share has not much to do with actual “Elements of Performance”or “Measures of Success” however it has everything to do with key ingredients to striving to be a “High Reliable Organization”!

Top 5 Findings as reported by Joint Commission Surveyors:

  1. Enormous PRIDE in our organization and  COMMITMENT to our mission by all Staff
  2. Highly engaged Physician Staff…. some of the best the surveyors have ever seen
  3. TEAM work including Physicians, Nursing and Support Staff throughout
  4. Centers of Excellence in too many areas to mention
  5. A Pile of BEST PRACTICES to take back to Chicago based JC Library

At times, there’s so much doubt, frustration and anger from internal and external forces regarding our ability to provide high quality and safe care in a very challenging environment.

Last week was just another validation of the what I/WE have known for some time. Our Staff is as good if not better than most!…Each and everyday, they provide the level of service any organization can be proud of.


Key to Success… Physician Leadership on local level working in unison with their Nursing & Administrative Partners. Empower your teams to manage locally, encourage creativity and shared governance with front line staff. Most importantly, provide support in a Servant Collaborative leadership style…. unlock the magic by showing them RESPECT, Empathy and LOVE!

Together we are stronger than any one Individual!




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