Do you have an active RE-RECRUIT strategy?

Be honest with me for just a moment! How much time have you spent in the past year on re-recruitment of your staff? I dare to say that the fast majority is now scratching your head and wonder what I even mean with re-recruitment!

As a leader on any level, we should not only be concerned about recruiting the RIGHT people for the RIGHT job, we should be continuously be on the look out to find meaningful ways to engage, grow and develop our high-performers. After all, they are the most likely to leave and have a negative impact on our operations when they do.

Are you aware of the COST to recruit for a new position? It could be as much as a year’s of salary especially when external recruiters are utilized. We also should know the time commitment to recruit, interview, on board and orient new team members. When you start adding up the cost, loss of efficiency, continuity and impact on other staff…. Re-recruitment of high-performers is a much better proposition for your institution/business.

How to re-recruit…start simply by getting to know your staff members, what drives them, what is their 1, 3 & 5 year personal growth plan? As a leader, you can become their coach/mentor to assist in career goal development, creating opportunities to meet their intrinsic values and to provide realistic incentives which doesn’t need to be monetary compensation at all times.

The fact that you spend extra quality time with high-performers, will allow you to continuously assess likelihood of transition which in turn will provide opportunities to set up a long-term transition plan to ensure minimal business impact on operations at large.

It is also your responsibility as a leader on any level to set clear professional goals for yourself and prepare your business unit for succession planning…

So don’t delay, start today with re-recruiting your staff members by simply letting them know how much they are appreciated!


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