When was the last time you had some FUN?


I always finish my interviews with new recruits by asking them what they do for FUN…Try it yourself next time….it is truly revealing!

If someone would ask me the same question, with pride I will talk about my flying escapades which reveals something about myself… not any different than someone who tells you they like to knit, take photographs, hike, hunt, sky-dive, etc.

It is essentially important to have FUN in life… it can’t all be about business! It’s even better when you can combine work, learning, teaching, and developing into a FUN activity.

Use creativity over capital… having FUN doesn’t have to be costly, just be innovative. If you are not an out-of-the box thinker, do a simple google search and pick one from the hundreds of choices.

Some food for thought… no pun intended…lol

Cupcake Wars, BBQ, or “Share a Dish” event

Team building exercises like; building a bridge, egg drop, puzzles, etc.

If you have a few dollars available, bowling, trip to local museum, concert, etc.

Remember the blog on Low-Performers?… maybe you can make one of them a “Party Planner” to reenergize and reengage a low-performer…. Just a thought!

FUN is both relaxing, engaging, and necessary to be sharp every day!

Plan something today for tomorrow!


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