Why TEAM Building is a necessity!


Pick a TEAM any TEAM… let’s take Villa Nova NCAA Champions as an example!

Did they become Champions just because… was it their turn or was it earned through hard work, passion and dedication to a common goal?

Of course the latter is where the magic took place… it all started with a crystal clear goal that was articulated by the TEAM Leaders on day one…..We are going all the way in 2016! I was not there but I can hear the words coming out of the mouth the Coach, Trainers and Team Captains… single focus, common understanding, common knowledge and unwavering mutual respect with an open mind to learning and development is what led Villa Nova to become NCAA Champions in 2016!

This magic needs to be translated to your business unit through TEAM Building. It all starts with finding the right focus/goals followed by picking the right team members whom collectively buy into the vision and strategy development by the Team Leaders and Team Members alike.

No TEAM has ever become a Champion overnight… most have struggled and learned along the way from many painful lessons but survived/triumphed as a TEAM because they believed in each other, they made adjustment along the way, they were accountable to self and team!

What can you do today one should ask?…. Start by identifying what is most important for your business unit, create focus and vision around the process need. Select key-stakeholders that can drive process to success (failure to include the RIGHT people will lead to failure and great frustration…its like rolling a ball uphill!). Form a TEAM and start exercising together to use a sports analogy…. It’s no different…. More about TEAM & Projects in future blogs!


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