“PHILIA” as in Philadelphia as in “City of Brotherly Love”!

How do you show “LOVE” to your co-workers, direct reports or even your loved ones? How does your boss show “LOVE” toward you?

When was the last time you took the time to do something out of the ordinary to show some LOVE toward those you LEAD? Most likely not often enough if at all!

Pause for a few minutes to reflect and self-assess; what makes you tick, how do you feel appreciated or respected in the work unit? Your personalized answers are exactly that…. unique to YOU…these are your intrinsic drivers.

As a Leader on any level, it is your responsibility to figure out what each person’s “sweet spots” are…we all have some! Some like to be rewarded with an extra day off, take the lead on a project while the next person would appreciate a personalized “Thank You” card or be empowered to drive change in the organization!

Taking the time to “LOVE” each person in their own way, will make you and/or your business unit that much more successful! Make the time on your busy schedules, it’s worth its weighed in gold!

You can apply this in your personal relationships as well… I would recommend reading a book by the title “Five Languages of Love” or “Man are from Mars, Women are from Venus”… these books will teach you to interpret each other language and make meaningful change on the way you express love to each other….

A Healthy Relationship at home, will make you that much more effective at Work!


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