No…. we are not shooting anything with LASERS although it does sound like fun!

Sit back, kick up your feet, scratch your chin and make a mental list of all the projects you are currently working on… 5, 6, 7 or more? Now, assess honestly how well each project is going, are you making progress, meeting your milestones, driving metrics toward your goals or are you even sustaining the improvements from you last completed projects?

“I got a feeling” (Name of a SONG I believe) that you are not meeting your targets and frequently end up backtracking to ensure sustainment of past improvements which only impedes progress on your current projects in hand.

Fact is that our behavioral capacity is limited…. In other words, your ability to focus and be highly effective is limited to maybe 2-3 projects at any given time.

Even for the non-believers, try something different by working with LASER Focus over the next 90 days…. Select a project that is aligned with your work units vision and strategic initiatives, meets the threshold of significance, have the bandwidth to be completed and you have access to key stakeholders to succeed.

Always remember, to eat an elephant, you can ONLY do it one bite at the time. Your focused project should be scoped for success with definable start and end points including SMART metrics and goals.

Once you have all you ducks in a row, run your project using whatever process you have grown accustomed to but set laser focus on 30 days or planning/measuring and 60 days to implement and sustain. I would almost bet you a dollar that your outcomes will meet/beat expectation for days/weeks/months to come as long as you continue to measure for at least another six months and take countermeasures when performance drops off.

Just because you focus on one project at the time, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else…. Do what you do every day but set aside enough time to have LASER FOCUS on a meaningful project that will drive success!

Work your magic 1-2 projects at the time.


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