Why do I need FEEDBACK… I’m perfect….said nobody ever!

Feedback is food for the professional soul… actually receiving structured feedback in a relationship of any kind is powerful, magical and sometimes transformational.

One needs to be open to receive FEEDBACK…. this requires a bit of courage and superior listening skills (receiving, processing, and pause before responding). It’s a heavy lift especially for ALPHA type leaders and staff members.

To be on a continuous journey of personal and professional growth, you need to receive feedback in many ways and from many different perspectives.  Albeit Man, Woman, Peer, Supervisor or Frontline Staff Member, each will provide valuable insights from which you can create opportunities. At times, it will bring you great validation. However be mindful from who and what motivates the person giving you that compliment.

Pure, Honest and Critical Feedback is what you seek….after receiving it what should I do next?

Categorize feedback on a pareto chart and use 80/20 rule to decide what to work on next, include opportunities to strengthen and develop new skills and knowledge.

Most importantly, don’t try fixing it all at ones… identify the most meaningful, valuable and attainable opportunity to work on first… It’s important to create personal WINS to build confidence and humility to work on the hard stuff.

Failure to do anything with feedback, will lead to failure itself!

Feedback is food for your SOUL! 


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