Meaningfulness is in the eye of the beholder….do we ever agree?

I dare to say, if you don’t take the time to build consensus amongst stakeholders before you start  measuring, nearly 100% of the time someone will claim that the results are flawed and quickly to blame the process of measuring as the reason WHY its inaccurate or reason WHY a project didn’t deliver desired outcomes.

Do yourself a BIG favor and very carefully include all KEY Stakeholders to be part of designing the project as well as selecting a “Meaningful Metric”.

A Meaningful Metric should really be broken down into two categories;

Driver Metrics

Outcome Metrics

Each will be addressed separately under a different title but one should understand and appreciate the need to have a solid foundation based on mutual respect, common understanding and common goals amongst all KEY Stakeholders.

Don’t even bother if you don’t have agreement, focus on consensus building around a metric that is both measurable, reliable and meaningful and is aligned with your strategic vision!

Meaningful… is the metric going to give you information that will allow you to improve?


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