No Driver’s License required…. If not careful, they will get away from you!

Let me set the stage by providing an analogy we can all relate to;

You know that thing in your bathroom that you reluctantly stand on from time to time and it always tells you what you don’t want to know measured in pounds!

Your scale will ONLY tell your OUTCOME Metrics however if you want influence the OUTCOME you need to concentrate what makes your weight go up or down…. In my case, more up than down!

Only once you pay attention to what goes into your mouth… (reminds me of a Dutch saying “Elk pondje gaat door het mondje”)….you can start affecting the OUTCOME.

Once you select a project and agree on goal, you can work backward to find the right DRIVER METRIC that will provide your team the ability to affect the OUTCOME.

If your outcome metric is fill rate of 85%, you can report on weekly basis how you are performing against that goal however to affect the outcome, one needs to look a access slots, scheduling, templates, utilization, etc. Each of these will drive the final outcome metric!

Not knowing who drives your car, is like shooting darts in the dark!

Turn the lights on!


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