How would you feel if you play in a baseball game and they removed home plate preventing either team from scoring any runs? Most would not tolerate that for very long and would feel uninspired to continue to play.

WIN or LOSE, we feel engaged and inspired!

Kick your feet up again, hang your head back to a relaxing position and mentally assess if your TEAMS are set up to WIN anything? Do they have realistic and attainable goals for their projects? Do you have the RIGHT DRIVER and OUTCOME metrics in place? When was the last time you celebrated a WIN?… how did my TEAM feel after a WIN?

OK… now get your feet of my furniture…lol

If you determined that your staff is pretty uninspired, it’s very likely that they can’t create a WIN. It’s time to change up the game.

To create a WIN, I would suggest that you include staff that is going to be affected by the WIN to select the parameters, scope and metrics for your project or process. You might even consider selecting the RIGHT reward for creating a WIN.

MONEY is not the first nor second intrinsic drivers for most of your staff members to create WINS… recognition to TEAM or individual is most important… little PIZZA party never hurts either!

TEAMS need to feel inspired and nothing does the job better then creating a WIN!

Big or Small accomplishments… .we ALL like to be WINNERS!


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