Get a box of tissues… most outcome metrics are tear jerkers for “Goodness” or “Badness” sake!

In healthcare or finance for that matter, every time we look at a dashboard report, we are looking at nothing but OUTCOME metrics. On its own, they mean very little however against a benchmark it will have an impact on some level.

Do you take the time to really understand both the measurement and metric?…  Most of us don’t, actually most of us will shy away from metrics because they have a persistent allergy to Mathematics even 50mg of Benadryl can’t suppress!

Let’s take a step backwards… you are starting a new project… first question “WHY” did you select this project, based on “WHAT”? A regulatory mandate, Boss woke up on wrong side of the bed or project is strategically aligned to your company’s vision and/or best practice standard you like to adopt yourself.

Now that you have sorted out “WHY” you are starting a new project, ALL key stakeholders should agree on desired OUTCOME….. This can come from a National Benchmark or simply picked by your leadership team… I would suggest to always use “SMART” as your guide to select the right outcome/driver metrics. Once selected, you can start monitoring for improvement!

To answer the question, “How do OUTCOME metrics affect us?”

They will make SMILE or CRY but’s that’s about it! The magic is in the Driver Metrics!


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