Do you ever feel like you are working with no end in sight or all over the place without making any progress that can be either seen or felt?

We have all been on that wild goose chase only to never catch up and make the kill….it’s like chasing your own tail….looks like fun but its dizzying to say the least. At end of the day, you feel unfulfilled, deflated and at times disengaged!

 “Leading through Context” and “Connecting the DOTS” are building blocks that can’t be skipped over… it’s like building a house of cards and shaky foundation otherwise!

Your strategic vision needs to make sense to those you lead, your job as a leader is to align all efforts to meet/exceed the expectations of the vision.

Two essential ingredients to improve successful outcomes;

Step 1

Take the time to clearly articulate the VISION and put it into real context… depending on your audience, you might have to go into the weeds a bit… get this right before you go to step 2!

Step 2

Involve all key-stakeholders in this process step and brainstorm potential solutions/pathways to get the desired outcomes. Next, be truly diligent about aligning your work… what comes first, second, third, etc. By “Connecting the DOTS” in a way that front line personnel can understand what you are trying to accomplish as a TEAM, engagement will improve significantly!

Visual Management Tools that allow ALL involved to see progress made towards a common goal is not only a powerful communication tool but also a key driver to successful completion!

“Connect the DOTS” and you will improve success!


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