I’m going to take a little break from giving positive management business techniques and instead cover a topic that once again hit home last week! 

TOLERANCE… Why is it so difficult to be accepting of all human beings and their chosen lifestyles? 

WHY is it still so difficult for self identified LGBTQ members to come out and be proud?

The short answer is lack of TOLERANCE by parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, religion and society at large!

How many more kids need to take their own lives before we answer the question by simply loving the individual, showing compassion and great tolerance?

Let’s together make a difference and live without regret! Reach Out Wednesday (ROW) is a great way to reach out and touch a life that needs to be shown love and compassion.

Those most vulnerable are the ones still searching for the courage to step forward and be proud publicly. For them, we need to tone down the rederic and be more supportive in our public statements. 

Open your arms to all GOD’s children and provide them with the security to live life to its fullest potential!

TOLERANCE & LOVE are powerful tools in suicide prevention…Come ROW with me!


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