Today, We drove from Burlington, VT back to my home in New City, NY… it could have been just another long ride home listening to the kids pestering each other or thinking about the days ahead of me!

Instead, I tried to enjoy every mile and minute that went by looking at the beauty of our surroundings especially now that everything is starting to come alive again.

From the mountains in the far distance to the weathered barns along the way…each has a story to tell… however we rarely take the time to listen. We are missing out on so much because we fail ourselves by thinking about tomorrow meanwhile NOW slips away into history.

Today, for many hours on end, I tried my darnedest to stay in the NOW by observing the little things along the way not allowing my  mind to drift into the tomorrow.

I noticed the blossoms on apple trees, calves in their outdoor pans, grass growing and birds flying North. I observed the changing weather patterns and the fact that only a few hundred miles is the difference between bare trees and those in full green.

I enjoyed the sounds of playing children in the backseat and appreciated the cute comments from my son Max and daughter Maia.

Today, I realized how lucky I really am…. living in the moment, living in the NOW is worth everything to me!



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