Does that Leadership book come with cartoon pictures and extra-large letters?

We all know the traditional pathway to get to the top….high school, college degree(s) and maybe a certificate or two…. But now what… all that was traditional theoretic learning and little to do with what I’m doing now!

No matter what stage of your career you are in, you are not staying at the top or get to the next level by doing little…it take a lot of passion, energy and time to rise to the TOP and even more to stay on TOP!

Reading industry specific publications is an essential habit to form, not only to stay up to date with current affairs but also to identify opportunities to capture market share, make advancements in technology or ways to improve systems.

If you are serious about your career, you should belong to Industry specific Professional Associations and read their publications regularly. You should also add best in business magazines, hardcovers and web bases articles to your reading repertoire.

Be informed, stay informed!

Most frequently asked question…..when do you have time to read?

Make it a priority to read at work… schedule a fake meeting on your calendar to create some ME time… turn off your computer and rummage through your trade magazines.

Heavier reading should be reserved for later in the day…. Actually… if you commute is more than 30 minutes… books on tape is a great way to stay informed!

Word of caution!…. We have all done this especially after we come back from conferences, don’t change just because your latest book told you a great technique or practice….. If you do this, you will quickly get a reputation…..absorb what you read, understand the best practices and how it would impact your organization or work group. Involve or share your readings with your team mates followed by a discussion around possible changes.

Read a LOT to stay on TOP!


One thought on “Staying on TOP!… READ a lot!

  1. I love listening to TED Talks while I am on the go. I am somebody who at times struggle with finding the right words to express myself, listening and reading professional texts not only introduce me to the latest healthcare trends but also increase my vocabulary with key words and expressions.

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