Did you awake this morning deciding you were going to do more of the same or finally take a definitive step towards being AWESOME?

Going through everyday knowing the outcomes or at best marginally contributing is just not for me…. I decided sometime ago that I wanted to make a difference and needed to be the change I wanted to see!

No…I’m not talking about being a KING or not even wanting to be the BOSS, I want to make a difference by simply greeting everyday people with a heartfelt “GOOD MORNING, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!”

Today, I must say it at least a hundred times bringing smiles to some somber faces along the way…. actually, some try to beat me to the punch now and say it before I can. My behavior is having an impact… I’m getting my desired results through a simple change in my personal culture…. can  you imagine what WE can do if each of us makes a positive change and sticks to it until it becomes the new norm!

RESULTS come from our ACTIONS that are based on our BELIEFS and deep personal EXPERIENCES. Question remains, are you satisfied with your results?

Honestly, most of us can use a bit more positude in our lives and need to shift our results, actions and beliefs…… set a challenge for yourself to be simply AWESOME!

AWESOMENESS is an outward expression that can be seen, felt and experienced in everything you do…..Be AWESOME not just for you but for the responses you will generate and the happiness that it creates however brief it is.

Awake tomorrow morning and take a definitive step toward AWESOMENESS!


2 thoughts on “Being AWESOME!

  1. What do you do when you decide to be awesome, but everybody else is Ok with being mediocre? Dissapointment and a flash of reality 🙂


    1. Never stop being awesome even when the environment doesn’t appreciate it or even realizes it. Take the awesomeness on the road, don’t allow others to change you for the negative. Their loss and some else’s gain!


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