Forever GRATEFUL on Memorial Day!

Forever GRATEFUL on Memorial Day!

Our Sons and Daughters

Born as bundles of innocence across this land

Some grow up to become HEROES

They spend 9 weeks in basic training

Followed by many more month of honing their skills

Before being send to all corners of the World

From the deserts in South-Africa, to the mountains in Afghanistan

From the South-China Sea, to the flats of Europe

Defending our FREEDOM

At times giving it all

Other times returning half the person they once were

Once per year we remember you all

Therefor MEMORIAL DAY is a day to be GRATEFUL

For those who serve, sacrifice or put their lives on the line

A GREAT big “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart!

You are my HEROES!




Don’t under estimate the true power of a highly functional partnership.

When was the last time you took the time to assess your relationships and partnerships? Maybe you have never or don’t know how!

One must understand first the value of partnerships by outlining the type of partnership is needed to be highly functional.

Not every relationship needs to be truly synergistic however it must be functional.

Take some time to think. Get a piece of paper and put a dot in the middle….that’s representative of you!  Now add names around you of people you work with, for or supervise.

Next, assess the level of relationship you have with each today….. Be truthful, don’t sugarcoat anything. This should be a confidential exercise.

Now that you know where you are, real question is, where do you need to be with each.

Close the gap between current and future by taking systematic steps to build and nourish you new relationships. 

Pay close attention to your partners intrinsic values….cater to them as it will strengthen the bond and maintain a new beginning!

You owe it to yourself to make time for partnership building!

My Kids!

My Kids!

All of them 

One by one

Just a few years apart

Cluster of cells turned into boundless joy

Each an individual one differ from all

Unique characteristics 

Each special in their own right 

Off they go one by one

Living their own lives

Creating their own pathways 

Someday they too will have kids of their own

That makes me the luckiest guy

Seeing such greatness right in front of my eye

Enjoying every precious moment 

Since one will never know 

Therefor I’m grateful just to be in the moment 

Loving every minute till death do us part! 




Live life the way you see it!

Live life the way you feel it!

Be who you want to be.

Be all you can be.

Live to let go

Letting go is living 

Don’t be a bore 

Be creative 

Creativity expands the soul 

Creativity is experiencing 

Be an experiment 

To experience is living 

Create an experience 

Creativity is an untapped resource 

Dig deep, search your inner soul 

Let it come out by taking a risk!

Live life to the fullest 

Be creative by starting today! 




Opposite of negative is positive 

Positive to Positive will repel 

So does Negative to Negative

Therefor balance must be struck 

Being Positive is lifting

Being Negative is drowning

I chose to be Positive 

Life is short 

Life is prescious

Life is worth living

Live with positive and veer off the negative 

Stay in balance by sampling the negative only to return to Positive

I can, I will cause positivity allows

Come join the ride down Positive lane 

I will see ya there so don’t delay!- W

Lioness Cub!

Lioness Cub!

Life is in equilibrium.

Life is great.

Never wake a Lioness while it sleeps!

A Lioness only cares about one thing!

Peace and tranquility for her cubs.

Hyenas on the prowl!

Dishonest and disgusting!

Preying on the weak and meager.

Trying to intimidate without empathy.

One mistake was made!

Waking a Lioness while sleeping.

Too late, no matter what, she will be protecting till death do us part.

Let a lesson be learned, never wake a Lioness while sleeping cause she will be the only one left standing!

Love life, live with humility and empathy… Be smart, be wise, never stop protecting what is truly yours!

– W




Beauty, its in the eye of the beholder!

Beautiful on the inside.

Beautiful on the outside.

Beautiful you are indeed!

You are totally beautiful like it or not.

Both on the inside, outside and everywhere in between.

Your beauty is serendipitous to me.

I’m the lucky one to be surrounded by a beauty like you.