I was born and raised in HOLLAND where it rains ~60% of the time but that’s not the reason “WHY I love RAIN!”

Rain is nutrition for every living being & thing coming from the skies above!

Without rain, we would all be living in desert conditions… when was the last time you took the time to watch something literally grow in front of your own two eyes? Maybe that’s not really feasible however looking at the same leaf, flower or even a single blade of grass every few hours is very much possible.

SUN & RAIN are our best friends… we can’t live without it…. no rain, no leafs, no oxygen… no sun, it an awe-full cold dark place!

I love RAIN because it’s refreshing after a long winter or hot summer day! I love RAIN because it gives us green grass and food for our animal friends. I love RAIN just because not everyday but more often then not… maybe just a sprinkle in the afternoon to feed our hungry!

Learn to appreciate even those things that cause us inconvenience from time to time, because living without it, the consequences are dire!

Be grateful for all we have….LOVING is much easier than HATING any day of the week!


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