Are you REALLY Listening?

Why did God give us two ears and one mouth? Gods message to all of us to listen twice as much as we speak!

I’m certainly been guilty of that over the years…. In my feedback sessions, I have been called a “fire hydrant”, was suggested that “less is more” and been told a few times to “shut up and listen”!

Very few of us are actual accomplished listeners, most of us don’t even understand how to REALLY listen when spoken to. Think back for a moment to an intense conversation, while someone was speaking and you were supposed to be listening, you were actually already very busy formulating a response back precluding you from REALLY listening.

There are three phases of listening that we need to appreciate and exercise before ever becoming an active listener.




Each phase requires additional study which we can’t cover in just one short story however I would recommend that you take the time to explore this further. Since most of you won’t take the time, here’s my two cents to becoming a better listener.

Remove yourself from all distractions…. Computers, Phones, and Televisions

Sit together at a table and not behind your desk

Quality over Quantity

Most importantly, process information received before even starting to formulate a response. You even want to repeat back what you think you heard… this will buy you some time as well as confirm that you actually heard what you were listening to.

Practice makes Perfect…..this is much harder than you think….you can do it!


One thought on “Are you REALLY listening?

  1. I think with the addition of so many communication devices in our daily lives, our listening capabilities have deteriorated. We have minimized this valuable skill because we now have some chances to “recall” the information. The real issue is learning to capture what is said and when.


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