Let’s play a little game to set the stage….

Randomly place all 1 thru 9 on a blank piece of paper…use the entire paper.

Look at it for 2 seconds… turn it over and now recreate what you saw on reverse.

Strange….I can’t see you however I know that you got less 40% right!

What is my point? We are horrible at remembering what we just saw or heard!….We are so bad that Chimpanzee’s beat us at the same game 9 out of 10 times.

As a leader, what lesson can you learn from this simple game? If you give verbal instructions to your staff, they will most likely forget 80% of what you said before they leave your office….. sad but true.

How can you counter this phenomenon? Time to outsmart the brain by hard-wiring your message by using “Ask, Tell, Ask” or “Motivational Interviewing” techniques.

Firstly, make sure you treat each person as an individual… we are wired differently and likely learn in different ways however each of us improves performance significantly when we are engaged in the conversation.

Secondly, make sure that your request is understood by the receiver….verify by asking them to repeat back what was asked of them. This will give both the opportunity to ensure that you have common understanding and if needed either can ask for clarification.

Finally, close the conversation by repeating your request….You are now set up for greater success!….

Use this technique in every conversation!


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