Intergrity…. Got Some?

Trust, Honesty, Whole, Complete, and Sound!

What comes to your mind when you think of someone with GREAT intergrity?

“Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Pope John Paul II, Michael Jordan or Madonna”

Do all these folks have intergrity, do they meet your definition of INTERGRITY?

We evaluate & judge people we admire differently from those closest to us!

We are more forgiving to those that can actually hurt us!

Once TRUST & HONESTY is broken, can someone regain their INTERGRITY?

Intergrity is in the eye of the beholder… who am I to judge?

Intergrity is like a badge of honor that is earned over a life time not a single event!

Having intergrity means that you will strive each day to be WHOLE & SOUND in judgement!

Live life with GREAT PRIDE in yourself, make INTERGRITY¬† a cornerstone of existance knowing that when you falter, there’s alway tomorrow!

Intergrity… GET SOME NOW!


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