Is HUMP DAY always on Wednesday?

Is it a positive or a negative?

Does it make you happy or sad?

Did you reach top performance only to let it slip away?

Are you coming or going?

What does HUMP DAY mean to you?

Is it light at the end of tunnel or just the middle of your week!

How many more hours to go?

Does HUMP DAY strike at noon?

HUMP DAY has a meaning to you which may differ from mine!

One thing I do know, HUMP DAY is the middle of something!

What is that something to you?

Happiness, Dreariness, Exuberance or not much of NOTHING!

No matter what, its beyond your control that HUMP DAY is here!

Beginning, MIDDLE or end of the week… you should find love in what you do!

Therefor HUMP DAY is just another opportunity to live to the fullest!

Happy HUMP DAY to you!





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