Two scopes of vanilla, whip cream and a cherry on top!

 Mouthwatering and no CALORIES… NOT!

As a TEAM you have been working hard for a common goal and after months of preparation you have finally reached the peak… are you going to perform and succeed or go back to the drawing board to improve.

No matter the outcome, you know your TEAM has worked hard to exceed expectations and psyched to show case all of their accomplishments. Indeed the TEAM performed as a GREAT TEAM would!

Now what? How are you going to show your appreciation for their hard work? Is it time to write another “Thank You Card” or is it time to mix it up.

As the title eluded to, an “Ice Cream Social” is a PERFECT way to celebrate a TEAM accomplishment. It’s simple but very powerful after all, everybody loves Ice Cream and it’s even better when served by Senior Leadership!

Don’t screw this up by coming up short… nothing more demoralizing than running out of Ice Pops.

As a Leader, one of the most important things you will ever do is serve ICECREAM!


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