Once upon a time we met a group of 60 managers, directors and executives at a far away girl scouts camp to conduct mysterious team building exercises. As teams arrived highly skeptical of our intend, they gathered in a meeting hall to be introduced to today’s adventures.  Nervously looking around for familiar faces, trying to find security within a foreign environment, our facilitators broke the ice by conducting a simple but powerful team building exercise.

It sounds so dramatic but in reality, our teams were pumped for action and passionate about being away from the daily hustle to improve their triad of leadership and team dynamics in an all day off-site event.

It was an amazing day of discovery, getting to know each other on a whole another level, learning, sharing and coaching each other. I could write about each event but rather would spend a few minutes in review and discuss our findings and “Aha” moments from which we all can learn.

Top 10 list:

  1. Communications, Communications, and Communications
  2. Establishing a sense of urgency
  3. Working with clarity
  4. Investing time to learn new skills before executing a project
  5. Shared learning
  6. Alpha personalities MUST learn/listen to talented employees on all levels of the organization
  7. Working in synergy breaking down silos
  8. Listening a vital skill
  9. Leaders must lead
  10. Have FUN!

One of the most powerful teaching tools was to blindfold team members for duration of a game that lasted ~45 minutes. It was an eye opening experience no pun intended!

I would recommend that next time you meet with your peers, blindfold 50% of the room before you conduct the meeting. Post-meeting, interview each attendee and get feedback from their perspective……it will be amazing to learn that the blindfolded participant listening skills were put on steroids and will likely express that they got more from the meeting than they normally would have…. why, no distractions, feeling vulnerable, focus on senses that function, etc.

Today was an awesome day full of POSITUDE!




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