Last week, I experienced being blind for a short hour. It had an tremendous impact on me from two standpoints. First, I felt vulnerable, I was in need of support and security. Secondly, I noticed that I heavily relied on  my hearing which allowed me to be more intense in both receiving and processing information. Honestly, I can still remember every sound and sensation I felt.

Over the next few days I tried to come up with ways to use this in our workplace allowing many to experience this as well with hope that they too will have a more intense learning experience.

It was not until I walked into our conference room this past Friday, that I noticed a lack of modern technology. This was too good of an opportunity to pass up. It was time for a large experiment of being in the dark with approximately 50 unassuming attendees.
We shut the blinds allowing minimal light to penetrate into the room. I waited to turn off the lights after a short introduction and request to participate with an open mind!

Next, the room went dark and for the next 30 minutes, I presented a talk on “Viral Conversations”.

I only one person dozed off for a few minutes and not a single person felt the need to check their cellphone either.

At the conclusion, only the overwhelming smell of fresh oven baked pizza caused a minor distraction.

I was itching to find out how it was received by the audience…did they think I was crazy or was it a mad success?

The feedback and comments were 95% positive and each felt a similar experience as I did earlier in the week. Attendees verbalized  that they were able to receive and process information at a heightened awareness level.

Let’s hope that the information is not only stored but also used going forward.

I will have to do this again.

Let’s meet in the DARK!



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