It has been an exciting week in the sports world to say the least…. NBA  FINALS  Cleveland became CHAMPS and I’m watching the final match in COPA AMERICA  Argentina vs Chili in OT as I’m writing this blog!

There’s no question that we are seeing TEAMS at work  where collaboration rules the day!

Can you say the same of your TEAM?

Not too long ago, I got to observe a group of team members in a team building session. I was under the impression that this group of staff members worked well together and looked after each other. Looks can be deceiving!

It didn’t take more than 5 minutes into the meeting as they all sat in a circle to observe that something was desperately wrong with this group. Their body language was screaming dysfunction, resentment and discordance.

It was time for some honest critical feedback and reset of the team dynamics. I stepped out at this point in time and let a very capable coach take over to start with first step of recovery by getting the TEAM to admit that they were merely a GROUP of staffers working in the same area and not clicking on all cylinders.

I have never seen a GROUP of people WIN much of anything however I can think of the Chicago Bulls, Utah Jazz, Warriors and now Cleveland who elevated team of players into the stratosphere of performance. WHY and HOW did this happen one could ask?

They understood their mission, their individual roles, they put TEAM before SELF or EGO! The TEAM came together and celebrated WINS and mourned LOSSES spending numerous hours analyzing WHY they lost without placing blame. The TEAM looked at failure as an opportunity for improvement.

Your lesson, don’t assume you have a TEAM working for your! Take your time to observe them in a group session, ask the right questions in a safe environment and take advantage to either start building a TEAM or to strengthen your TEAM!



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