Positude on a rainy day!

Positude on a rainy day!

I’m sitting at my computer staring out of the window contemplating different topics to write. Finally, it dawned on me that it’s a rainy day which can be depressing to some. It’s time for a little positude in ones life!

RAIN like OXYGEN is vital component of life!

Reflect for amount and think about the circle of life. Water in our oceans and lakes evaporate into our skies when the sun is shining. Moisture molecules too small to see travel sometimes thousands of miles until the temperature dew point is just right.

Suddenly, you will see skies darken and visual moisture appear in different forms. Albeit rain, mist, hail or snow, it all comes back down to earth to be recycled again. Once back on the ground, it will be absorbed into the depths of the earth where small underground rivers and pools are formed.

You guessed it right, humans, animals and plants  now tab into these fresh water supplies to grow, cook, clean or simply quince their thirst.

Long story short, small underground rivers will once again drain into our rivers, lakes and oceans.  Only to be start the process all over again.

If this cycle of life would not take place, we would not have fresh water to drink or moisture to keep our oxygen generating trees alive.

Instead of feeling depressed on a rainy day, reflect and be grateful for the “Circle of Life”.

I love a rainy day!



Diversity, how open are you?

Diversity, how open are you?

Tonight, I sat down at the dinner table with my guest from Holland. I observed Simone using a fork and knife to eat her pizza. That’s like a cardinal sin in a half-Italian household but the norm for where she comes from.

No matter if you use a fork & knife or simply fold it in half and eat it with your hands, the end result is exactly the same.

Is our way any better than their way? How many times have you seen somebody doing something different from the way you would do it but end up with the same quality results.

As a POSITUDE leaders, we should encourage acceptance of diversity and actually encourage it to promote creativity.

From diversity we learn much. Our patients will be better served when someone approaches a problem with their style of compassion, empathy and tolerance. We should learn different approaches of communicating with our patients. Different strokes for different folks.

As long as we keep SAFETY & QUALITY front and center in all we do, diversification will only enhance our abilities to improve our patients experiences.


What to do at 3mph?

A catastrophic crane failure on the Tappan Zee has caused an absolute nightmare to my daily travel schedule.

How horrible selfish to even think like this. Let’s look at a bit differently at 3mph.

First and foremost, I’m grateful that nobody got injured or even killed. Just imagine what this scene would have been like if it happened during rush hour traffic. At the end of the day, everybody went home that night.

In subsequent days, traffic moved at a snails pace allowing me to reflect and appreciate all I have. I spoke to my kids, thought through my future career steps and listened to some great talk radio.

At 3mph I’m getting some awesome gas mileage, time to greet fellow motorist and even wrote a blog.

There’s much to be grateful for while crawling along I87.

Feel negative, seek POSITUDE!

Feel POSITUDE, share it!


Do you WALK the WALK!

Do you WALK the WALK!

Do you WALK the WALK? That’s a brilliant question that should elicit some deep thought and self-reflection. A knee-jerk answer would affirm that you walk the walk but in reality far too often we just TALK the TALK!

For instance, it’s December 31st of any given year, time to make a new years resolution. What will it be this time… I need to loose a few extra pounds, I need to exercise, learn a new craft or simply make more time for my family. All sound like noble reasons to take action. Now are you going to walk the walk to make it happen.

Yep, 80% of you will do the same as I have done too many times. We just do all the talking and take a little action. Precisely the reason I don’t make any New Year’s resolutions.

Do you carry this behavior over into your workplace? Do you make promises that you  don’t keep? Do you over promise and under deliver? Do you start projects but never finish them?

In my case, If I love it, I will exceed expectations however if I don’t I tend to drag my feet. As a leader, I need to recognize my weaknesses and find strength from my team mates. As you become more emotionally mature, you will have the ability to suck it up and give it your best. Credibility is only lost if projects are not finished or you didn’t give it your all in a failing effort.

As a positude leader, awareness of self in the workplace it paramount. Every WORD means something to somebody. If you TALK the TALK, you better WALK the WALK! Your reputation is on the line. Positude Leaders lead by example, they don’t impose their philosophy on others rather lead through context, lead the way causing others to follow.

Lead with humility, lead with passion!



Unsolicitated Acknowledgments!

Unsolicitated Acknowledgments!

As a leader, I strive to do better everyday! My focus is on being a great mentor, coach, partner, team mate, to be servant, collaborative and lead with humility. Simply said, I try to be AWESOME everyday. Someday’s I’m better at it than others however my objective is always the same.

Over the past four months of blogging, I have discussed the need to feed each others intrinsic values to show deep appreciation on a personal level which of course varies from person to person.

For myself, I truly appreciate a sincere unsolicited acknowledgment when it is least expected. It truly gives me purpose and pumps me full of positive energy.

Although I’m uncomfortable to speak about my personal accomplishments or impact my leadership has on others, I would be lying to you if I don’t like to hear if from time to time. It’s a confirmation of what I intend to do each day.

I have the privilege to work as a Healthcare Administrator and as a 911 Paramedic in Rockland County. This past week, I received two enormous unsolicited acknowledgments that were very much appreciated and reminded me of the importance to “Pay it Forward” myself on regular basis.

Early in the week, I received a message via linkedin from a mother who’s child we saved 20 years ago. She wanted to express her gratitude for giving Gregory another chance at life and give her son a chance to live a full life. He’s certainly making the most out of it today as a Registered Nurse.

On Friday, after an emotional week at work where one of our long-time leaders decided to retire, one of my Directors came into my office and told me how much I have meant to him on a personal and professional level. It really meant the World to me.

I’m sincerely grateful for everybody that contributes to my experiences in life both good and bad. I have and will continue to learn many lessons from all of you and hope to affect many others in a positive manner as well.

Be AWESOME everyday!