As a leader, I strive to do better everyday! My focus is on being a great mentor, coach, partner, team mate, to be servant, collaborative and lead with humility. Simply said, I try to be AWESOME everyday. Someday’s I’m better at it than others however my objective is always the same.

Over the past four months of blogging, I have discussed the need to feed each others intrinsic values to show deep appreciation on a personal level which of course varies from person to person.

For myself, I truly appreciate a sincere unsolicited acknowledgment when it is least expected. It truly gives me purpose and pumps me full of positive energy.

Although I’m uncomfortable to speak about my personal accomplishments or impact my leadership has on others, I would be lying to you if I don’t like to hear if from time to time. It’s a confirmation of what I intend to do each day.

I have the privilege to work as a Healthcare Administrator and as a 911 Paramedic in Rockland County. This past week, I received two enormous unsolicited acknowledgments that were very much appreciated and reminded me of the importance to “Pay it Forward” myself on regular basis.

Early in the week, I received a message via linkedin from a mother who’s child we saved 20 years ago. She wanted to express her gratitude for giving Gregory another chance at life and give her son a chance to live a full life. He’s certainly making the most out of it today as a Registered Nurse.

On Friday, after an emotional week at work where one of our long-time leaders decided to retire, one of my Directors came into my office and told me how much I have meant to him on a personal and professional level. It really meant the World to me.

I’m sincerely grateful for everybody that contributes to my experiences in life both good and bad. I have and will continue to learn many lessons from all of you and hope to affect many others in a positive manner as well.

Be AWESOME everyday!



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