Do you WALK the WALK? That’s a brilliant question that should elicit some deep thought and self-reflection. A knee-jerk answer would affirm that you walk the walk but in reality far too often we just TALK the TALK!

For instance, it’s December 31st of any given year, time to make a new years resolution. What will it be this time… I need to loose a few extra pounds, I need to exercise, learn a new craft or simply make more time for my family. All sound like noble reasons to take action. Now are you going to walk the walk to make it happen.

Yep, 80% of you will do the same as I have done too many times. We just do all the talking and take a little action. Precisely the reason I don’t make any New Year’s resolutions.

Do you carry this behavior over into your workplace? Do you make promises that you  don’t keep? Do you over promise and under deliver? Do you start projects but never finish them?

In my case, If I love it, I will exceed expectations however if I don’t I tend to drag my feet. As a leader, I need to recognize my weaknesses and find strength from my team mates. As you become more emotionally mature, you will have the ability to suck it up and give it your best. Credibility is only lost if projects are not finished or you didn’t give it your all in a failing effort.

As a positude leader, awareness of self in the workplace it paramount. Every WORD means something to somebody. If you TALK the TALK, you better WALK the WALK! Your reputation is on the line. Positude Leaders lead by example, they don’t impose their philosophy on others rather lead through context, lead the way causing others to follow.

Lead with humility, lead with passion!




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