What to do at 3mph?

A catastrophic crane failure on the Tappan Zee has caused an absolute nightmare to my daily travel schedule.

How horrible selfish to even think like this. Let’s look at a bit differently at 3mph.

First and foremost, I’m grateful that nobody got injured or even killed. Just imagine what this scene would have been like if it happened during rush hour traffic. At the end of the day, everybody went home that night.

In subsequent days, traffic moved at a snails pace allowing me to reflect and appreciate all I have. I spoke to my kids, thought through my future career steps and listened to some great talk radio.

At 3mph I’m getting some awesome gas mileage, time to greet fellow motorist and even wrote a blog.

There’s much to be grateful for while crawling along I87.

Feel negative, seek POSITUDE!

Feel POSITUDE, share it!



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