I’m sitting at my computer staring out of the window contemplating different topics to write. Finally, it dawned on me that it’s a rainy day which can be depressing to some. It’s time for a little positude in ones life!

RAIN like OXYGEN is vital component of life!

Reflect for amount and think about the circle of life. Water in our oceans and lakes evaporate into our skies when the sun is shining. Moisture molecules too small to see travel sometimes thousands of miles until the temperature dew point is just right.

Suddenly, you will see skies darken and visual moisture appear in different forms. Albeit rain, mist, hail or snow, it all comes back down to earth to be recycled again. Once back on the ground, it will be absorbed into the depths of the earth where small underground rivers and pools are formed.

You guessed it right, humans, animals and plants  now tab into these fresh water supplies to grow, cook, clean or simply quince their thirst.

Long story short, small underground rivers will once again drain into our rivers, lakes and oceans.  Only to be start the process all over again.

If this cycle of life would not take place, we would not have fresh water to drink or moisture to keep our oxygen generating trees alive.

Instead of feeling depressed on a rainy day, reflect and be grateful for the “Circle of Life”.

I love a rainy day!



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