It’s a time to check out, unwind, disconnect from the real World.

Leaving behind that electronic connection albeit an iPhone, pager or iPad. Do yourself a big favor, turn them off……now!

If you manage right, all is in great hands therefor disconnect without worry.

Time to recharge, time for family and friends. Time for BBQ with idle talk about the birds and the bees.

No hustle bushel this time around. Slow down to smell the roses, take long walks while  holding hands. Connect once again with those most important to you. 

I’m signing off for seven whole days much deserved I might say! 

Have fun and carry-on while I’m checked out!

– W


A handbook for managers “Positude Leadership”

A handbook for managers “Positude Leadership”

Available on in September of 2016

Positude Leadership 4 Strategies, 5 Skills and 100 Experience is a handbook for managers especially those new to management.

This handbook is written from a perspective of a seasoned hospital administrator who experienced the difficulties of transitioning from being a technical skill do’er to leading a team.

Positude Leadership in its most simplistic terms means leading your staff with a positive attitude, seeing each person as an individual and leading with great passion, skill, knowledge and ability.

This handbook will allow ALL managers no matter industry or current leadership position to follow four strategies and five essential skills to becoming a collaborative servant leader who leads with great humility.

From deep personal experience, if applied consistently knowing that it will take many repetitions to get great, one will see the culture, engagement and performance metrics improve significantly.

Leading with positude will allow you to rise above the others and spread positive energy throughout your organization.

Take a calculated risk by being the first to adopt a new approach, lead with great focus through context and provide a safe environment whereby your most valuable asset feel free to be heard and contribute.

Every day is a new day, a new beginning, a new opportunity to start with a fresh new approach. This is especially true for those of you who were top performers before being promoted to management positions and now find yourself struggling to keep your head above water.

Use our handbook to gain valuable strategies, skills and experiences which will allow you to manage more effectively.

Feel Inspired, Be Inspiring!

Don’t forget to have a little FUN along the way.

Walter Dusseldorp, MBA, FACHE

Meeting FREE zone!

Meeting FREE zone!

What is the biggest gift a leader can get? A meeting FREE zone… priceless!

Now what to do with this precious time? Hide in your office with the door closed trying to catch up with the endless stream of emails or leave your office behind to mingle with staff?

You should chose the later each and every time. Take advantage of meeting free time periods to do some POSITUDE ROUNDING on your staff and patients alike.

Commit yourself, use this time to leave your stresses behind and make this all about your staff, patients and prevention of disruptive process failures.

Leave your office in the right frame of mind showing empathy, compassion and a genuine positive attitude. This is your opportunity to build long lasting partnerships with your co-workers by taking the time to know just a little more about them. Make it all about them not so much about yourself. Show appreciation and acknowledge all the their efforts and gains.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend time with your patients as well. Randomly pick a room, introduce yourself and advise your patients that you are simply there to listen or to talk about the birds and the bees. Go with the conversation wherever the patient wants it to go. Most often, just a few minutes of your time and attention will be worth its weighed in gold.

To preserve meeting free zones on my calendar, we will schedule fake meetings which creates time to do what I like best…. mingle with my patients and staff!

Just Do It!