Diversity in the workplace!

Earlier this week, I attended an ACHE event in New York City and took part in a moderated discussion on diversity in the workplace.

Three women from different walks of life were introduced as senior leaders in their organizations in charge of diversity.

Each was tremendous  in their own right, each brought a different perspective to the discussion. 

One in particular articulated our tendency to have natural biases towards people of a different race, geography or sexual orientation. 

We allow these natural biases to influence our thinking and actions either consciously or subconsciously.

Being biased is not only about being black, white, yellow or brown. We have natural biases against people from different cultures, sexual orientation or geographical location. Only when we learned to respect each person as an individual, can be protect ourselves against such biases.

Together as staffmembers from many different backgrounds and experiences makes us stronger. In Healtcare,  we will serve our patients better and we will provide better, safer, higher quality care together. 

To understand each other, we need to learn how to communicate with each other. We need to learn to listen, process information, and thoughtfully respond to each other. Most importantly, we need to learn to ask the right questions about each other in order to learn from each other.

Honest and open dialogue needs to take place in order to make progress in the workplace. Diversity in the workplace will make us stronger together, it will make for a friendlier work environment, it will make for a more understanding work environment and above all, it will elevate us to another level of understanding, respecting and performing.

Be mindful of your mindfulness.



Healthy Culture

When was the last time you saw your doctor for a physical?

When was the last time you gave your culture a physical?

It’s all too likely that neither happens too often. We get caught up in our busy lives and only mind to our health when things are not quite alright.

We try to teavh our patients to be proactive but frequently ignore our own advise.

Assess your situation today, raise awareness of your surroundings. Be mindful of your mindfulness.

Check in with your primary care physician and on your employees as well.

Make sure you and your staff are aligned for success.


Patient Safety!

Are we rolling the dice as it relates to Patient Safety?

Do you look at all the variables in the process of taking care of patients or just at the final outcome?

Do you belong to the 100% club or do you understand the realism of eventual failures?

You better be in the latter part to drive better outcomes.

It should be your mission not to be perfect but to reduce the likelihood of error by placing minimally 3 safety checks in every vital process.

We can and do fail from time to time however with multiple checkpoints it is much less likely that it will ever reach a patient.

Sit back with feet on your desk and take a moment to evaluate current processes to see if we truly three failures away from doing harm.

After you convince yourself that you have many processes that don’t meet the three step process.

What to do next?

Reach out to your Risk Management Department and request a Failure Mode Effect Analysis to be completed in your areas of operations. 

The results will likely shock you however it will provide focus and urgency to make a difference.

Google David Marx, JD to get his unique perspective on Patient Safety and three dice


Mission Accomplished….I got Published!

Mission Accomplished….I got Published!

Published…..Mission Accomplished!

In mid-March, I visited my CPA who challenged me to start blogging and to write a book. It made think about different ways to share my passion, skills, knowledge and abilities to motivate, inspire and drive performance.

Having managed on all levels of an organization, I recognized that a significant gap needed to be filled to ensure that transition managers from a technical role to a management role needed support, coaching and mentorship to ensure success.

Look within your own organization or maybe yourself, once a high performer but not struggling to stay ahead of the game. What happened? The Peter Principle happened whereby talented front line staff members are promoted but not supported in their new roles to extend necessary to ensure success.

Setting realistic SMART goals and working with real FOCUS, I completed my first book only one day after my intended release date. I’m proud of the final product and feel strongly that it will help, guide, support, coach and mentor you or your managers to the next level of performance.

Click on link below…..it will take you to amazon site to review and purchase your own book…..see two book reviews below…. I would love to hear from you too.

Positude Leadership

Surviving as a manager in the ever-changing landscape of health care has never been more complicated than today. Positude Leadership provides the foundation on which one can be a successful leader and overcome almost any obstacle and, most importantly, create strong bonds with your frontline staff.

—Mark Smith, printshop coordinator

Positude Leadership is a practical how-to guide for tapping into your natural leadership talents, skills, and abilities. Through the lens of Walter Dusseldorp, who focuses high-performance organizations on individual- and team-behavioral capacity, you will learn simple lessons and practices to flourish in your personal and professional growth. Understanding how you can have a positive impact on everyone you encounter, every day, through every interaction, can unleash your leadership potential and touch the lives and careers of those within your sphere of influence.

—Lee Saviola, MS, DO, professional coach

Published…. Positude Leadership

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If you are an aspiring manager or know a struggling manager, this handbook is precisely the right countermeasure to get back on the path of professional growth and success.


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